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I certify that the facts stated on this application are true and complete to the best of my knowledge, and I grant Ambu-Star permission to verify all such information.  I understand that any false statement, misrepresentation or omission of facts on this application may result in rejection of the application for further employment consideration or my immediate dismissal if discovered subsequent to my employment.  I further agree that Ambu-Star shall not be liable in any respect if my employment is terminated because of any false statement, misrepresentation or omission of facts made by me in connection
with this application.

I understand that the information will be checked and the previous employers will be contacted for the verifying the information contained therein.  I her by grant Ambu-Star permission to check my references and to verify the information contained in my application.  Further, I authorize my former employers, personal references and others to give any information concerning my request by Ambu-Star.  I agree to have per-placement medical examination, per-placement drug screening, and any further
medical examination that may be required my Ambu-Star.  

I understand that this application is not intended to be a contract of employment and I understand that this application for employment is no way obligates Ambu-Star to employ me.  However, should I be employed, I agree to comply with all orders, rules and regulations established by Ambu-Star and I understand that my duties and schedule may be altered or my job terminated based on Ambu-Star needs.  

By Submitting this application indicates that I have read, understood and agree to the terms and conditions as listed above.